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Ruby Renewables is a money saving company that will allow you to be more energy efficient in your own home or business. Ruby recommend using ENERGY EFFICIENT SOLUTIONS throughout the home. If you are really wanting to reduce your bills. We only use award winning products and we install systems for renewable energy generation, energy storage and energy management. We can advise, supply and fit a wide range of products to reduce your monthly energy bills by up to 45% here we have a full range of products to choose from… SPRAY FOAM let us insulate your home with energy efficient lapolla spray foam

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Save up to 45% on your energy bills

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Lapolla Spray Foam Insulation

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Ruby Renewables lapolla Spray Foam Bournemouth – keep your home warm and cosy whilst saving money with Lapolla Spray foam cavity wall insulation. It will make a big difference to your energy costs. Your home will feel extra warm and cosy with the extra benefit of lower heating costs in winter and the savings will begin on day one, as soon as the spray foam insulation is installed.


Lapolla Spray Foam has the following benefits

  • The potential of up to 45% reduction in overall home energy costs.
  • Provides thermal insulation to keep the warmth inside.
  • Suitable for walls, attics & loft spaces, as well as barn conversions, listed buildings etc…
  • Great acoustic benefit to noise reduction between the floors in your home.
  • Lapolla spray foam insulation is a fire barrier.
  • Reduction or elimination of condensation.
  • Its airtight properties prevent infestation of wasps, bats and other pests moving in.
  • Offers a lifetime warranty.
  • Lapolla cavity wall insulation is one of the best spray foam insulations in the UK.
  • Lapolla Spray Foam is one the most accredited spray foam in the UK by the BBA.
  • Your home’s overall EPC rating will increase adding value to your home (as seen on ITV)
  • Reduces air infiltration from outside – by sealing your home with foam.

Let ruby renewables lapolla spray foam on your home today ! if you would like to know more or get in contact click here ! lapolla Spray Foam in Bournemouth